Mark Rothko at Chrysler Museum of Art

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Norfolk, Virginia, 30 September 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Chrysler Museum of Art is currently exhibiting a show on Mark Rothko until 8 January 2012. The exhibition is entitled “Perceptions of Being” and the manifestation strives to retrace the career of the artist.

This occasion has seen Norfolk’s museum gather works by Rothko from the National Gallery of Art of Washington. The star lot of the exhibition, No. 5 (Untitled), was painted in 1949 and is the property of Chrysler Museum of Art. This piece is one of the most important in Rothko’s career, since it is the period that will mark a real advancement in his recognition by art critics and collectors – particularly Duncan Phillips.

Rothko is one of the most important artists from the second movement of the American abstract expressionism, a label he previously judged as too simplistic. He is especially known for his monochrome colour field paintings, and has received prestigious orders since the 60s by University of Harvard and Marlborough Gallery.

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