“What’s in a face? aspects of portrait photography” at Art Gallery of NSW

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Sydney, 23 August 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA)

The Art Gallery of New South Wales will present an exhibition entitled “What’s in a face? aspects of portrait photography”, from 24 August to 2 May.

The exhibition confronts the treatment of portrait through time, ranging from the techniques used in the nineteenth century to more contemporary methods. The featured artists include Paul Foelsche, Olive Cotton, Max Dupain, Carol Jerrems, Destiny Deacon, Patrina Hicks, Darren Sylvestre, for the Australian artists and Man Ray, Edward Weston, Iwao Yamakawi, Nan Goldin, Ben cauchi and Loretta Lux, for the international photographers.

Even though photography was complicated and onerous in the nineteenth century, many wealthy families started to have their portraits taken, a sort of mandatory rite. During that same century, photographed portraits of celebrities, notably writers, were beginning to be popular. However, it desecrated the intellectuals because they were often captured without make-up and in natural light. That is why Georges Sand was very disappointed when she saw her first portrait, as she did not appear photogenic at all.

The exhibition will recount the history of portraiture in photography and how generations of photographers have been fascinated by its use.

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