The Clock at the Israel Museum

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Jerusalem, 23 August 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Christian Marclay’s film, The Clock (2010), remains under the spotlight due to its loan to the Israel Museum. The world tour thus continues for the winner of the Gold Lion at 54th Venice Biennale . The piece is shown in Jerusalem, after its exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Venice and Moscow.

The Clock is on display at the Israel Museum until 20 October. The institution’s administration is very pleased to share the piece with the public, especially since artistic videos have a key role in contemporary creation.

Let us remember that the work is a 24–hour single–channel montage of 3,000 film cinema and television extracts, edited together to represent the local time wherever it is exhibited. The film illustrates watches, clocks, alarm-clocks and any other objects that tell the time. Marclay’s film is a confrontation of cinema and reality.

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