French photographer David Sauveur in a coma after attack

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Perpignan, 23 August 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA)

French photographer David Sauveur has been in a coma for fifteen days in hospital in Perpignan following a violent attack. The patient’s status is critical.

The aggression took place in Collioures, Languedoc Roussillon. Sauveur was on vacation in the picturesque town, known for its tranquil surroundings. However, on 3 August, at around 2 in the morning, he was taking a walk when he was brutally attacked by an intoxicated man, who violently hit him on the head. Sauveur collapsed and the aggressor took the opportunity to steal his camera. While the photographer was starting to come to his senses and asking for his camera back, the attacker and an accomplice hit him again, provoking a serious concussion. The last blows put the artist in a coma.

The two thieves ran away, but were later arrested and jailed. They are respectively in their twenties and thirties.

Speaking to the French newspaper L’Indépendant, the artist’s mother stated: “Doctors are not sure. His status is still critical and his life is still threatened. Nothing shows that he will come back.” She hopes that the photojournalism festival, starting at the end of August, will pay a tribute to her son. The festival’s organiser has stated that what happened was “dramatic, revolting, ignominious, scandalous” and that he was still hoping the artist will survive.

David Sauveur, 37, was born in Dinard and is currently living in Paris. He works for the photography agency VU, directed by Christian Caujolle, who knows David’s artistic side extremely well. He said: “He is torn between his wish to testify of the world’s chaos and more visual researches on landscape and city. He conducts in parallel very different projects, in terms of technique and stakes, but they have in common that they question photography’s possibilities and functions.”

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