Death of Jean Tabary

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Paris, 22 August 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Jean Tabary, renowned in the comic world to be the creator of Iznogoud, died at the age of 81, on 18 August. His daughter, Muriel Tabary-Dumas, has indicated to the French Press Agency (AFP) that her father suffered from a cardiovascular accident in 2004 and that he never moved on after losing his wife the next year.

He was born in 1930 in Stockholm, where he created the character of Iznogoud in the 1960’s, in collaboration with René Goscinny. The series Iznogoud is a rich collection of 28 albums and millions of copies were sold since its first publication in 1962. Known for his famous catchphrase, “I want to be caliph instead of the caliph!”, Iznogoud was adapted to the cinema in 2004.

Tabary started his career as soon as 1956, joining the comics magazine Vaillant. From then on he started developing comics with semi–famous series such as Richard et CharlieCorinne et Jeannot and Totoche.

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