Hiraki Sawa at James Cohan Gallery

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New York, 18 February 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA)

James Cohan Gallery is hosting their second solo exhibition of the work of Hiraki Sawa, on view until 26 March.

Hiraki Sawa was born in Japan, but currently lives and works in London. The exhibition, entitled “O”, refers to his film installation of the same name, realised in 2009 and featured at the gallery. The piece is composed of several large-scale projections, ten films and five broadcasting channels. It deals with the notion of time, representing interior and exterior spaces simultaneously, moon and earth and far-off present and past.

The viewers will be transported into a dream-like state, surrounded by a world of image and sound. Ten small screens show black and white films illustrating everyday objects. The soundtrack, made by Organ Octet, bursts sporadically from speaker-phones.

A new film by Sawa is also showcased. It explores amnesia and the destruction that comes with the loss of memory through a series of abstract and visual sequences. The event also features pencil drawings depicting different stages of the moon. First, the artist depicts the moon’s surface in detail and then wipes everything off.

Hiraki Sawa participated in “The Dissolve” at SITE during the eighth edition of the Santa Fe biennale. In March 2011, he will join other contemporary Japanese artists in “Bye Bye Kitty !” at Japan Society in New York.

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