Increasing activity of galleries at fairs and online

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Brussels, 29 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Cinoa’s latest report illustrates that the activity of galleries is increasingly taking place online and at major fairs.

Like with any other profession or trade, gallery owners and art dealers have to evolve and the report shows that the physical location of galleries are less important and that a growing number of sales take place on the internet and at fairs. Dominique Lévy of L&M gallery declared in the Art Newspaper: “We do much more business at the fairs than at the gallery.”

However, the report minimises this phenomenon, concluding that contact, expertise, advice from art dealers and the relationships between professionals and clients are still highly-regarded qualities. Moreover, recent projects launched online are often linked to a physical location. The report and the professionals agree that expensive major pieces are not sold online.

In addition, galleries and art dealers still build their reputations based on the exhibitions they organise and the artists they represent. Internet and fairs are only tools and professionals still have to undertake research and promotions and forge relationships – characteristics that fairs and internet can not replace.

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