Yuang-Sheng Tsai at Powen Gallery in Taiwan

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Taichung, 26 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Powen Gallery in Taiwan is presenting a personal exhibition of the work of the artist Yuan-Sheng Tsai. “Au fond de centaine de fleurs, se cachent des secrets” (At the bottom of a hundred flowers, secrets are hidden) is running at the gallery from 2 to 31 August 2011.

The exhibition showcases the latest works of the artist who lived in Spain for many years and whose internationally renowned art transcends ethnic and cultural frontiers. Tsai’s art is closely linked to his private life, like a romantic relationship that slowly develops after a hesitant beginning, in a variable process of interiorisation.

His art can be characterised as a spiritual voyage, which departs from a superficial materiality to attain to become mysterious and immaterial. Yuan-Sheng Tsai’s art is not limited to visual art theories, but is constantly experimenting with painting and combining Western and Eastern cultures.

The exhibition revolves around two abstract paintings completed by Yuan-Sheng Tsai in 2011. The evocative title reminds the viewer that although everything originates in nothingness, every painting and every meeting can lead to surprises and inspiration.

Yuan-Sheng Tsai, born in 1969, is a Doctor at the Salamanca Academy of Fine Arts and his work features prominently on the art scenes of Taiwan and Spain. His pieces are displayed in institutions such as the Santa Marta de Tomes in Spain and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

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