Ayana V. Jackson at Peter Herrmann Gallery

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Berlin, 21 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Peter Herrmann Gallery presents an exhibition of the work of Ayana V. Jackson from 24 July to 27 August, entitled “Leapfrog, the Grand Matron Army.”

Artist Ayana V. Jackson initially created photographic documentaries, but rapidly began to take artistic pictures, with the notable example of the series Black Madonna. For this exhibition, she photographed herself in a frog-like position, squatting down, her hands on the floor. Entitled Leapfrog, the pictures aim to illustrate the evolution of the African black woman through “jumps” in history.

Ayana V. Jackson aims to improve the status of the African woman by representing only the figure of the woman with no backdrops or secondary characters. The artist, squatting down, poses in front of a white background, with a different costume according to the period in history. As an ensemble, these women are the “Grand Matron Army”, an army of self-confident women, proud of their independence.

The photographer also studies the sexuality of women in our society. Her frog posture is linked to fertility and can thus be seen as erotic.

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