Artcurial: leading French auction house in 2011

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Paris, 19 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Artcurial Briest – Poulain – F.Tajan is the leading French auction house. With a turnover of €58.9 million in the first semester of 2011, their results have shown an increase of 24 % on 2010.

According to the Artcurial co-presidents Francis Briest and François Tajan, these results are due to “the potential and versatility of the auction house and its increasing capacity to attract international buyers, including those from emerging countries.”

However, there has also been a major increase in the number of artworks on sale. 12,500 lots went under the hammer during the first semester of 2011, compared to 10,500 in 2010. Nevertheless, the percentage of unsold lots remained stable at 74%.

Artcurial has taken a strong position on the French and international market. It is now the number one auction house for Orientalist paintings in Europe and remains the world leader in comic books. In France, the company is the top house for Wine and Collector’s Cars. In the fields of of modern and contemporary art sales, ancient drawings, books and manuscripts, Artcurial remains a major player.

In the contemporary art section, the auction house has regained its pre-crisis turnover of €9.8 million and registered seven new world records, which is attributable to its selection of exceptional pieces, as proved by this semester’s prices. Paris is still a major marketplace and attracts international collectors.

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