Charlotte Charbonnel at Musée Reattu in Arles

   |  13 July 2011  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

Arles, 13 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Musée Réattu in Arles presents its new exhibition “Sur Mesure” (literally Custom Made), including works by artist Charlotte Charbonnel, on view until 16 October.

Charlotte Charbonnel has always thought that the creation process is of vital importance. For this reason, a part of the exhibition is dedicated to researching how an artist creates a work of art. Viewers discover how an idea initiates a work of art and how the project springs from the memory, image and goal of the artist.

Charlotte Charbonnel is inspired by science and discoveries and fascinated by how the world works and the occurrence of sound and meteorological phenomena. Charbonnel focuses on how energy circulates around us and does not limit her artistic creations to pointless installations. She uses scientific processes and materials which study sound, vibrations and electronics to better understand the world she lives in.

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