German forgers to be tried in autumn 2011

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Paris, 6 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The German forgerery case has not yet been resolved. The scandal surfaced in autumn 2010 in Germany. The authorities estimate that the amount of money involved in the fraud amounts to €30 million – €80 million.

Subsequently, legal cases and private transactions have proliferated in attempts to annul sales of copies. Gallery owners, collectors and auction houses have found themselves in a tight spot and are uncertain about whom they should approach. Germany, France, the USA and Switzerland are the countries the most affected by the forgeries.

An article by Olga Grimm-Weissert for Artclair has revealed the names of the institutions, galleries and experts touched by the forgeries. Some of the most eminent names in the art world were deceived, demonstrating the vulnerability of the art market, which often faces authenticity problems.

As the investigation progresses some complicities have been revealed. The trial should start in autumn, but meanwhile, experts, brokers and curators involved in the case refuse to acknowledge their responsibility.

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