Queensland Art Gallery to exhibit contemporary works from Torres Islands

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Queensland, 4 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Gallery of Modern Art in Queensland (GoMA) presents its new exhibition entitled “Land, Sea and Sky: Contemporary art of the Torres Strait Islands”, running until 9 October 2011.

The exhibition will be hosted on three different floors at GoMA and consists of 200 works by approximately forty artists, including paintings, drawings, weaves, engravings, films, videos, textiles, ceramics and installations from the Queensland Art Gallery’s collection.

The event highlights the diversity and depth of the Torres Strait Islanders’ culture, which consists of many prestigious objects destined for ceremonies, daily life and decoration. The Torres Strait Islands’ traditional art is wood carving and engraving.

Many famous artists will be presented such as Dennis Nona, Alick Tipoti, Billy Missi, Brian Robinson and Joel Sam. Dance items by Ken Thaiday will also be on view, along with headdresses by George Nona, George Arago Sambo, Obery Sambo, Sipau Audi Gibuma and Allson Edrick Tabuai.

“Land, Sea and Sky” will also comprise a series of works by Segar Passi, including an assemblage of photos and videos. Artists from the Erub Erwer Meta Art Centre completed a group of twenty-two charcoal drawings of totems.

To mark the 140th anniversary of the “Coming of the Light”, referring to arrival of the London Missionary Society in the Torres Strait Islands in 1871, the exhibition will include an extended programme of workshops, talks and food related to the Torres Strait Islanders’ culture.

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