The new galleries of Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluna

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Barcelona, July 4th 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Roman art collection of the MNAC (museo Nacional de arte de Cataluna) features different forms of Roman Catalan art, uniting various artworks such as a group of paintings, wooden sculptures and a monumental sculpture made of precious metal. A permanent exhibition is now available.

Viewers can discover information on the collection’s origins and the museum’s renovation techniques. These insights have been made possibly by researchers from the museum but also from all over the world, who have been contributing to the museum’s efforts for 15 years. The exhibition was created in partnership with the Fundacion Mapfre in Madrid. The event will consist of a selection of sixty paintings from MNAC’s collection, each piece was chosen for its artistic qualities, and aims to present the main techniques and subjects of Roman Art. It is the first time that an exhibition of this type is shown outside of Catalonia, except the 1937 Paris exposition, which took place during the Spanish Civil War.

The visit will be divided into five parts and each part will be preceded by a presentation illustrating the work linked to architecture (murals, stone statues), and the artworks linked to furniture and other objects used when praying (paintings, wooden statue, works in precious metal and in enamel.) Amongst the pieces from Madrid, is a fragment of the stoning of Saint Stephen, by San Joan de Boi, the Batllo Majesty and a fragment of a mural from the monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza. The exhibition will include catalogues written by renowned specialists providing comprehensive biographies as well as other documentary sections.


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