“Cartoons on the Front Line” at Museo Picasso in Málaga

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Malaga, 27 June 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Museo Picasso is presenting its new exhibition entitled “Cartoons of the Front Line.” In January 1937, Pablo Picasso started working on Sueno y mentira de Franco, eighteen scenes printed on plates.

Picasso created them as a protest against the military upheaval of July 1936 and in order to raise funds for the Republican cause by selling copies at the Spanish Pavillion at the World Fair in Paris. Each plate comprises nine scenes in which Picasso created violent depictions of the destruction of art and the consequences of totalitarianism. He used a popular language to denounce barbarism. From the first to the very last scene, satire and parody are used to reject the atrocities of war. The spectator will recognise some themes from the famous Guernica painting.

About 120 pieces from Picasso and others artists will thus be displayed, such as Goya’s The Disaster of War, a selection of engravings that were re-published in 1937 by the Republican government, drawings by Tono Salazar, photographic montages by John Heartfield, visual productions by Joseph Renau and Mauricio Amster and caricatures by Luis Bagaria and George Grosz.

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