World Monument Fund presents “The Hidden Alahambra”

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Granada, 21 June 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Patronato de la Alhambra, American Express and the World Monuments Fund have announced a new conservation programme for the palace of Charles V in Alahambra. The institutional partnership will help maintain the site via a project entitled “The Hidden Alahambra.” A donation of $200,000 was needed to realize the project.

The tourist routes through the complex will be adapted in order to reduce pressure on areas that receive too much traffic and open up the less accessible parts to the public. A virtual guide, “The Hidden Alahambra” will be set up to improve understanding of the complex as well as access to spots that are generally closed to visitors.

Alfredo Garcia-Valdes, the President and MD of American Express in Spain, was quoted in Art Daily as saying: “This project will promote the knowledge we have of the monument to national and international level. New cultural routes will be organized allowing for greater access to spaces that, because of the fragility of their construction materials and ornamental decorations, do not support mass access. Ultimately, the initiative will promote and expand the recognition of the Alhambra, inspiring the curiosity of visitors and providing a better understanding of the monument.”

Bonnie Burnham, the President of the World Monuments Fund, as reported in Art Daily, added: “Many of the major sites of the world struggle with tourism pressures—too many people wanting to visit celebrated sites. One of the strategies to offer a high-quality visitor experience and preserve the monuments is to develop alternative destinations—things that people can visit that add to their experience. ‘The Hidden Alhambra’ program will provide such an opportunity. WMF is pleased to support ‘The Hidden Alhambra’ program of special visits to formerly inaccessible parts of the monument, and also to help conserve one of these buildings, the Oratorio del Partal.”

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