Parcours des mondes 2011: tribal art in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

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Paris, 26 May 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Parcours des mondes, the biggest tribal art fair in the world, will take place from 7 to 11 September 2011 in the Saint-Germain area in Paris.  The fair, which was launched by Art Tribal magazine three years ago, has become an international event under the direction of Pierre Moos.  The increasing attendance of collectors and art dealers from abroad has allowed the fair to surpass its Belgian counterpart, Bruneaf.

Sixty-three galleries, half of which are non-French galleries, are participating and will be offering thematic exhibitions featuring tribal art from all over the world and recreating the ambiance of different countries to give the viewer a glimpse of that culture’s artistic scene.

A jury consisting of art dealers and experts selected galleries according to the quality of their works, hereby ensuring that the fair features only exceptional pieces.  In addition, two experts, former art dealer Johann Levy, who specializes in African and Pre-Colombian art, as well as a renowned collector, will verify the standards of the thematic exhibitions.

According to Pierre Moos, “there are only seventy-five good tribal art galleries in the world; it therefore remains a niche market.” Parcours aims to highlight the best tribal art dealers and propose a selection of major pieces specially chosen for the occasion.

Recently, prices for tribal art masterpieces have skyrocketed, notably at the Robert Rubin sale earlier this month.  The majority of buyers are wealthy modern and contemporary art collectors who set new records at auctions.  True collectors of tribal art are often unable to spend such extravagant amounts and the Parcours exhibitors thus decided to propose a wide range of prices, so that these precious objects are accessible to small, big and amateur collectors.

The art dealers display their most exceptional pieces in original and ingenious ways, as they make about half of their annual turnover during the Parcours des Mondes.  The Arte y Ritual gallery in Madrid, focusing on the theme of receptacles, will be displaying magnificent objects from Africa, the South Sea Islands and Indonesia.  Parisian gallery Alain Bovis will emphasise elegance, showing pieces from Indonesia and the Himalayas and the Alain Lecomte gallery’s exhibition, also based in Paris, is devoted exclusively to the awe-inspiring masks of the wé, a tribe from the south-eastern regions of the Ivory Coast.

Galleries David Serra from Barcelona and Yann Ferrandin from Paris will highlight the Kota culture, amongst others, and Dodier will be offering an exclusive collection of spoons from north-west America, painstakingly assembled over twenty-five years.  Paris-based Pascasso Manfredi will be presenting a  set of stone sculptures from Indonesia.

Three new galleries have joined the Parcours this year.  The first is Jacaranda Tribal, specializing in South-African art; the Philippe Ratton gallery, already well known in Paris and the gallery of Philippe’s son, Lucas Ratton, which opened four years ago.

The honorary chairman of the tenth edition of the fair is New-York collector James Ross, the owner of one the most remarkable collections of African art in the world. The secretive collector, who is a tribal art specialist and lover, recently donated his enormous African art library to Yale and the collection can now be viewed online.  Ross is a worthy successor to Jacques Chirac and Sheikh Saoud-Al-Thani, the previous honorary chairpersons of Parcours des mondes.

The 2011 edition will be a veritable educational and revelatory tour, allowing long-standing collectors and neophytes to discover the diversity and importance of tribal art in the sixty-three different cultures brought to life at Parcours des Mondes.

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