Follow-up to affair concerning Israeli stolen objects

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Salt Lake City, 24 May 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Tour guide David Lund, who is accused of having sold stolen Israeli heritage objects, maintains his innocence.

Lund was first arrested in a hotel in Jerusalem for dealing in cultural goods. After searching his room, the Israeli authorities released him and put him under permanent surveillance in order to find out whether he detained other stolen objects. Some time later, he committed a second offence and the group of ninety-six tourists to whom he was selling stolen goods was stopped at the airport. The police discovered antique coins in their bags. David Lund was allowed to leave the country on condition that he returns to Israel for his trial. In Israel, this type of crime entails a three-year prison sentence.

David Lund spoke to the press and denied all accusations against him.  He says that Israeli customs have previously caught him carrying  antique pieces on arrival in Israel. Lund affirmed he brought them for one of his guided tours. Customs believed him and let him enter the country. Lund thus does not understand why the authorities are accusing him of smuggling items when they let him enter the country with exactly the same objects.

Furthermore, concerning the coins at the airport, Lund declares he legally bought them with his credit card specially for his clients.

For now, the affair is still pending.

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