At Art Paris Art Fair, all galleries are not from Paris

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While 18 of the 33 national museums are located in the Paris region, art galleries in French regions are more than elsewhere real cultural locomotives. This year at Art Paris Art Fair they represent 10% of the total number of galleries present at the fair. All very different, they present situations that vary according to their geographical situations and their history.

For the  Petits Carreaux gallery which migrated to Saint-Briac in Brittany after being located for years in Paris, the displacement was not binding, quite the opposite. For his owner Philippe Benadretti, this has allowed them to get closer to their clientele with an unprecedented concept: “We work much more casually, we have relations with our collectors who feel much better because they visit us during the weekend or while on holiday, so much more relaxed. Moreover it allowed us to choose a space closer to our home and to display in our house and garden sculptures and canvases that remain on sale for collectors who come to visit the gallery or simply have a drink at home. In addition to these spaces we have a small house which allows us to welcome artists in residence. Thus we decided to present their work at Art Paris Art Fair. And the best thing about a fair like this is that the busy collectors do not say that they will come to see us at the gallery since it’s far away, so they decide right away on the stand.” Although located in a region, it is mainly Parisian clientele that still meets the Petits Carreaux Gallery.

This is also the case with AD Gallery – located in Montpellier they participate at the fair for the 8th consecutive year. To quote David Garcia, the owner of the gallery, “The aim of this participation is to get closer to our Parisian clientele. In total, more than 50% of our sales revenue is based in Paris.”

Conversely, for Lise Braun whose gallery is located in Colmar in Alsace, customers are mostly international. Its geographical location allows it to reach Swiss, German, Belgian and of course French collectors. There again it is the fairs that Lise Braun favors: “We are close to the Art Basel fair in Switzerland which has always been very positive for us. So when Art Basel was created in Miami we decided to open a booth there. We really live up to the rhythm of these two fairs, depending on the season. ”

Whether using their networks, fairs or original concepts, the regional galleries know how to face Parisian competition in order to have nothing to be envious of.

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