Jean-François Dubreuil wins Aurélie Nemours Prize

At Art Paris Art Fair, Jean-François Dubreuil has been awarded the Aurélie Nemours prize for his great contribution in the field of abstraction. His artworks created a major impact because of their unique concept. These artworks are a “newspaper analysis” where the artist uses different colours to indicate the sections of the newspaper. In his career, his style has remained the same focusing on geometrical abstraction. This living artist still involves himself in creating artworks in a same enthusiasm. He has experimented mostly with gray, black and red colours to highlight the sections in various newspapers including his famous series of The New York Times.

Aurélie Nemours, a French abstractionist became famous in her early forties. She started her foundation through which the annual prize for the most deserving artist was planned. This is the seventeenth year of the foundation. This year it is prestigious for a Galerie Lahumiere because the gallery have been representing Dubreuil for the last 35 years and Nemours was part of the same gallery. Gallerist Anne Lahumière gave her insights regarding the same by saying that she is excited to having an artist that she represents winning a prestigious cash prize which will encourage other artists to continue with their works.

Jean-François Dubreuil expressed his emotions after receiving this prize. He said, “I am honored to receive this prize. Aurélie Nemours is an artist I knew for a long time and I know her work very well so I am very happy that they selected me as an awardee.” Dubreuil has been working since 1968 in this field and is currently participating in group shows in Paris and Switzerland.