Solo Shows of Art Paris Art Fair on the road

 Paris  |  31 March 2017  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

If you are a habitant or a visitor of Paris between up to 3 April this year, you are a potential visitor of an unusual, traveling exhibition. In partnership with Le Bus Direct – Paris Aéroport and Art Paris Art Fair, “Bus Expo” is a project in order to democratize the art and make it more accessible for the public by replacing the advertisement on the back of the shuttles with a selection of contemporary artworks. These pieces are by five different artists selected from their solo shows in Art Paris Art Fair. According to Pascal Paul the founder of Bus Expo, aim of this project is not only making life more beautiful but also “to take contemporary art out of the galleries and bring it among the general public”.

Artworks of this project, which are a reproduction of the originals being shown at Art Paris Art Fair, started their voyage in the streets of Paris 5 days before the opening of the fair and will be in the city for one more day after the end of the show.

Artists you can expect to see in this project are Eduardo Arroyo (1937- ) presented by Galeria Alvaro Alcazar (Madrid) ; Serge Attukwei Clottey (1985 – ) by GNYP (Berlin) ; Mario Macilau (1984 – ) by Ed Cross Fine Art (London) ; Edouard Wolton (1986 – ) by Les Filles Du Calvaire (Paris) and Billie Zangewa (1973 – ) presented by Afronova Gallery (Johannesburg).

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