Artworks and words : Artcurial art bookshop at Art Paris Art Fair

 Paris  |  30 March 2017  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

For the second time, Artcurial art bookshop is participating at Art Paris Art Fair, offering a specific literary focus for the special occasion of the art fair’s African focus. Therefore, Artcurial dedicates half of its exhibition space to African literature and is, furthermore, presenting an international book selection of modern and contemporary artists and authors. On Saturday, Chantal Colleu Dumond, Solly Cissé and Richard Texier will sign their books at the Grand Palais, and on Sunday, the library will welcome the artist Barthélémy Toguo and Pupa Neumann.

Besides, Artcurial is exclusively displaying the original pastel drawings by Marc Wonga Mancoba, which were fundamental for his book A Taxi Way To Heaven, 2010. The limited edition of the artist’s book is a colourful print on wood. Depicting dangerous aspects and uncertainties of a taxi ride in Africa, the artist combines personal memories with his parents, who strongly influenced his passion for art with a stream of consciousness. These reflections are strongly influenced by traumatic historical events of the apartheid, as it is a central topic of many works at Art Paris.

Additionally Artcurial invites the audience to discover the delicate exhibition White Ocean at their bookshop located in the Hôtel Marcel Dassault in Paris near the Grand Palais — up to 3rd April 2017. Being part of the Art Paris Art Fair VIP programme this special exhibition is displaying the amazing textile work of Simone Pheulpin, who is specialized in creating most intricate pieces of art.

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