Death of Bill Cunningham (1929-2016)

 New York  |  28 June 2016  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

The photographer Bill Cunningham passed away on Saturday 25th of June, at the age of 87.

First and foremost, a fashion photographer, he was also a sort of ”cultural anthropologist”, according to Jacob Bernstein. Born in Boston in 1929, very early he was passionate about fashion. He confessed with humor: ”I could never concentrate on mass in church on Sunday because I was obsessed by the women’s hats.” The hat, an object of focus for this artist who abandoned his studies at Harvard to open a hat shop named ”William J”, on Park Avenue.

An attentive observer of society, Bill Cunningham was able to capture the essence of a society through the changing and transitory phenomenon that is fashion. Bill Cunningham was the subject of a documentary at MoMA in 2010, in which Anna Wintour commented: ”I’ve said many times that we all get dressed for Bill.”

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