New contemporary-art museum in Dhaka

 Dhaka  |  9 April 2016  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

In the wake of the Dhaka Art Summit that they founded, Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani are planning to set up the first contemporary-art museum in Bangladesh.

It is hoped that the museum will open in 2018 in Sylhet, a city in the country’s northeast. Wholly financed by the Samdani Art Foundation, it will be hosting part of the foundation’s collection that comprises over 500 modern and contemporary Asian artworks including works by artists Naeem Mohaiemen and Shahzia Sikander. This new museum intends to devote itself to Bangladeshi, South Asian and also international contemporary art. Artistic direction has been entrusted to Diana Campbell Betancourt.

Following the Dhaka Art Summit and the Samdani Art Foundation, the Samdani couple will be launching a third project for developing Bangladesh on the international artistic scene.

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