The Prado acquires a Fra Angelico

 Madrid   |  29 January 2016  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

The Prado Museum (Madrid) recently acquired a major Renaissance work: The Virgin with a Pomegranate, a tempera on a panel produced in the 15th century by Guido di Pietro, also known as Fra Angelico.

The painting in question was one of the last by Fra Angelico to still be held by a private individual — the Duchesse of Alba who died in 2014. The Prado Museum announced this acquisition on 20 January in a press release. The painting is said to be in a remarkable state of preservation.

The transaction amounted to €18 million and includes a personal donation from the heir to the Duchess of Alba, her elder son Carlos Fitz-James Stuart y Martínez de Irujo — a small panel recently attributed to Fra Angelico by the Prado Museum.

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