An uncertain future for English museums?

 London  |  29 January 2016  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

According to a survey compiled by the Museums Association, 18 % of museums in the UK — in other words one museum out of five — were affected in 2015 or will be affected in 2016, by partial closures.

The “Cuts Survey”, conducted since 2011 by the Museum Association, is based on results of a questionnaire involving 115 participants, and denounces budgetary cuts operated in the culture sector. Even if 61 % of museums recorded higher visitor numbers in 2015, the situation remains delicate. It has even widely deteriorated in the last four years – 44 museums have closed their doors since 2010. According to the same survey, one-quarter of museums cut their staff in 2015 and 47 % of museums earned less money in 2015 than in 2014 — this despite a 6 % increase in capital over the same period. 12 % of museums are therefore considering a change in governance in order to boost efficiency

According to the survey, “while many museums are standing strong in the face of sustained cuts to funding by creating stronger partnerships with local communities and generating new streams of income, there are significant numbers that face an uncertain future.”

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