The Chrysler Museum to welcome Lloyd DeWitt

 Norfolk  |  22 January 2016  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

According to the Daily Press, Lloyd DeWitt and Irene Leache will be joining the Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk), the first as chief curator, the second as curator of European art.

Until now, Lloyd DeWitt has been curator of European art at the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto). Previously, he worked for about a decade at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Initially, Lloyd DeWitt specialised in seventeenth-century Dutch art, but he has considerably widened his competencies. He is replacing Jeff Harrison, who spent almost thirty years at the museum.

According to Erik Neil, director of the Chrysler Museum: “By selecting Lloyd, we have made a statement that the Chrysler will be an active participant in the national and international museum field.”

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