Diogo Pimentão at Art Basel Miami Beach

 Miami  |  8 December 2015  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

Diogo Pimentão’s physical drawings were exhibited at the Art Basel Miami Beach between 3 and 6 December 2015.

Diogo Pimentão’s work seems to draw on Leonardo da Vinci’s dynamic of using the line, the dot and the surface. Pimentão begins his pieces in the studio but only completes them during the exhibition set up by leaning them against the wall or suspending them over the floor. His material is often paper, such as his two works Participle #1 (2015) and Participle #2 (2015) which are made of thick paper covered with graphite lines to resemble a metallic skin, that the artist folds or bends in order to shape into long, flexible, cuboid shapes, thus producing unexpected shapes. Disclosure (2015) is a shape that folds onto itself, without beginning or end.

For over a decade, Pimentão has been creating a radical piece; In (visible) #1 and #2 (2015), using the studio floor as part of his drawing, to collect the movements and materials of the drawings. The artist has carefully removed the plastic floor protection and transferred the bits of graphite, dust and footprints onto paper. Thus the floor and the paper together produce the work.

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