Hauser & Wirth take over The David Smith Foundation

 New York  |  1 December 2015  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

The David Smith Foundation has moved to Hauser & Wirth with plans to “revisit and re-contextualize the work”.

Peter Stevens, the artist’s son-in-law and head of the foundation, said “Hauser & Wirth strikes me as a gallery that has a new approach.” Mr. Smith, a sculptor focusing on Abstract Expressionism, who died in 1965, is predominantly known for his history books. His works will be brought to places like Asia and South America where, according to Stevens, “there are very few of his works, if any.”

Hauser & Wirth’s partner and vice president, Marc Payot, ranks Mr. Smith with Giacometti and Brancusi and says the gallery will approach Smith’s works in a similar way to art by sculptor Eve Hesse; focusing less on its historical importance and more on rediscovery. “We focused on a lesser known body of work, brought in curators,” Mr. Payot said. “That’s what we are planning with Smith — to revisit and re-contextualize the work.”

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