“Tate Sensorium” to revolutionise contemporary art

 London  |  10 August 2015  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

From 26 August until 20 September 2015, the Tate Britain in London, United Kingdom, will host an exhibition entitled “Tate Sensorium”. This exhibition aims to make use of all the viewer’s senses in an effort to alter their experience of contemporary art.

The Tate Britain is launching a new type of exhibition, whose desire is to make use of the spectator’s five senses, believing that contemporary art should not just be approached from a visual plane. In order to do this, the gallery has enlisted the help of a master chocolatier, a perfume specialist and a sound expert. The exhibition uses reliable technological devices to diffuse the smells, recreate the sense of touch and spread the sounds in three dimensions. The reasoning behind this exhibition is to show that the senses can influence the reception of a painting. As director of the 2015 IK Prize, Tony Guillan stated in an interview with The Independent, that painters are not only influenced by what they see, but also by what they smell, taste, touch and hear.

The exhibition will showcase the work of British artists of the 20th century such as Francis Bacon, David Bomberg and Richard Hamilton. “Tate Sensorium” won the IK Prize in 2015, rewarding the work of the Flying Objects agency, which contributed to the creation of the exhibition.

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