Death of framer Yasuo Minagawa

 New York  |  6 August 2015  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

Japanese framer Yasuo Minagawa died on 4 July 2015 in New York, United States, at the age of 69.

Yasuo Minagawa is famous for the frames he has created for several artists. When he arrived to New York, he opened a framing shop, even though he had never received any formal training in frame-making. A true autodidact, he taught himself various framing techniques. Elizabeth Murray was one of his earliest clients: she required specially shaped frames for her irregularly-shaped drawings. Later on, he produced gleaming frames for Sarah Charlesworth: she wanted her pictures to fuse into their frames. Yasuo Minagawa was known for the privileged relationships he maintained with his customers: his store never hired more than five people at a time and his shop did not advertise. For him, the customer relationship was fundamental. About his work, he once said, as reported The New York Times: “I don’t want to overwhelm the art. My philosophy is to stay three steps behind the masters.”

Yasuo Minagawa was born in Tokyo in 1945. He attended the University of Tokyo before moving to Paris and later settled in New York. He has worked for many artists including Chuck Close, William Wegman, Jennifer Bartlett, Elizabeth Peyton and Dan Colen.

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