FIAC Announces its Agenda

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For the 42nd edition of the FIAC, Jennifer Flay has unveiled an ambitious program while demonstrating a genuine commitment to focus on the quality of the participants. She highlighted the objectives of the FIAC during the press conference held for the occasion, stating the need to “being innovative and creative while maintaining a spirit of continuity within the conception of the event.” FIAC will take place from 22 to 25 October 2015.

For the 2015 edition, 173 galleries from 23 countries will be present. The FIAC will show fewer galleries than last year (with 191 having participated in 2014). This is a choice of the organizers given limited exhibit space at the Grand Palais. The galleries will primarily be European (68%), with France being the most represented country, followed by the United States and Germany. Canada and Colombia will be taking part in the event for the first time. Nearly 20 new contemporary art galleries will make their debut at FIAC, such as The Modern Institute in Glasgow, and Luisa Strina in São Paulo.

FIAC also plans to put forward young galleries. Jennifer Flay has highlighted the longstanding commitment of the FIAC with emerging galleries following the inauguration of the Court Square in 2006, the creation of the Lafayette Sector and the unveiling of OFFICIELLE last year. With OFFICIELLE’s dedication to young galleries, it is nonetheless a forefront event complementary to the FIAC. “OFFICIELLE is official” for Jennifer Flay. Based in the Cité de la Mode et du Design, it represents the new generation of galleries and permits them to dialogue on “an even keel” with the galleries exhibited at the Grand Palais.

This edition will also witness the debut of the “Swarovski Series”. Every year, the house specializing in crystal and the FIAC will allow a selected artist to create a piece using crystal as a medium. For the occasion Wu Tsang created a sculptural light installation, entitled Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, which will take place on Grand Palais’ Balcony d’Honneur. This installation, inspired by the Wizard of Oz, will explore the acoustic potential of the crystal medium.

The Prix Marcel Duchamp will be awarded for the fifteenth year in a row. The nominated artists are Davide Balula, Neil Béloufa, Melik Ohanian, and Zelib Sedira, with the winner being announced on 24 October. The works of these four artists will be exhibited during the FIAC in the Grand Palais.

Jennifer Flay has also stressed the necessity to fully integrate the FIAC in the Parisian space. This year, FIAC and OFICIELLE have created “Musées en Seine”, a river bus route which, in partnership with Batobus, links 22 cultural institutions such as the Louvre, Palais de Tokyo, and the National Library of France.

In addition to this plan of action, the FIAC continues its route of artworks exhibited in different emblematic Parisian locations like the Tuileries, and the Jardin des Plantes. It renews its partnership with the Vendome Committee with a Dan Graham installation. It is made up of two pavilions whose structure consist of metal and glass. Due to their reflectivity, they alter the perception the viewer has of the space, and how they interact with it.

Finally, Jennifer Flay has announced the presence of a new FIAC partner in the framework of “Hors Les Murs”, at the Maison de la Radio. For the occasion, Anne-Laure Chamboissier has devised an audio journey, Sounds by the River, within the Maison de la Radio and along the banks of the Seine in order to showcase visual contemporary artists as well as sound artists like Claude Closky and Christophe Van Huffel.

The “Hors Les Murs” program will also include performances with Ouvertures/Openings at the Auditorium of the Louvre, In Process and In Scene. A cycle of round table discussions will complement the rich agenda, the first entitled “Change of an Era: the arts and sciences of the anthropocene”, in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History and the COAL Association. The second conference will focus on the discussion between poetry and the social sciences (“Voices of Urgency”). Finally, artist films will be screened at the Grand Palais Auditorium, the Tuileries and Silencio during dedicated events.

The multiplicity of the proposed events and the richness of guests confirm the importance of the FIAC as an international fair. It intends to enhance the most prestigious galleries and allows for a sharp selection of tomorrow’s galleries of tomorrow to offer buyers and public vast prospects in design.

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