Louise Gréther named Director at Artcurial SAM in Monaco

 Monaco  |  22 July 2015  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

Franco-British woman Louise Gréther has become Director of the new Artcurial SAM in Monaco.

It was its international profile, linked to the economic weight of the Kingdom of Monaco-with a turnover in sales of well over €11 million and a GNP that increased to $7.24 million in 2008- that played a role in the election of leadership at Artcurial SAM. This decision is part of the sales development policy of sales specialists at auctions in Monaco, whose claimed purpose is sustainably established in the Principality. “With 10 years experience of auctions in the Principality and over 10,000 objects sold, we felt it was perfect timing to establish a permanent presence in Monaco. It is a unique location in the world, and thus has long been an attraction for Artcurial in developing our activities, which will be boosted by the appointment of Louise Gréther and the opening of our new development,” declared François Tajan, who co-chaired the auction house in 2005, alongside Francis Briest. The tenth session of auction sales will be launched in Monaco in the upcoming weeks.

Nicolas Orlowski and Francis Briesla founded Artcurial in 2001. It is the first French auction house that holds voluntary public sales. It has several auctioneers, among them Francis Briest, Hervé Poulain and François Tajan. Louise Gréther, an economics and political science graduate following her studies in Scotland and the United States, will have the primary task of representing Artcurial, not only in Monaco, but also more broadly on the entire Riviera.

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