New Museum of Islamic Art in Tripoli unfinished

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Tripoli, 28 April 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA)

The conflict in Libya has interrupted construction on the new Museum of Islamic Art in Tripoli. The opening, scheduled for next September, was meant to coincide with the anniversary of Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi’s rise to power.

The Libyan leader’s son, Saif Kadhafi, conceived the project and also wished to create a collection of Islamic Art intended for foreign guests. This work in progress was to be installed in a palace built for the Ottoman pasha Yusuf Karamanli during the 18th century.

Hafed Walda, Cultural Counsellor of the regime, refuses to divulge the number of pieces already acquired or where they will be exhibited, but he confirms that the project is currently on hold and that the future of the collection is not ensured.

The Tripoli War Museum, designed by architects from Camillin Denny, was also expected to open this year. According to Walda, its inauguration is  also postponed.

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