Forgery case involving Knoedler gallery leads to court case

 New York  |  7 February 2016  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

The forgery scandal rocking the gallery Knoedler & Compagny is in the hands of justice. A federal judge has confirmed the decision to commence a trial after the sale, for several millions of dollars, of works proving to be forgeries.

It is one of the biggest scandals to shake up the art market. The question for now is to ascertain whether the gallery’s former director Ann Freedman knew that some of the paintings that she was selling were fakes. The former director, as well as the gallery, claim that they were tricked by Glafira Rosales and believed that the paintings were originals. A statement that has not convinced the wronged buyers who accuse Ann Freedman of deliberately taking part in the fraud.

Closed in 2011, Knoedler, New York’s oldest gallery, apparently sold 32 fakes during more than 15 years – paintings considered as masterpieces in modern painting by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko or Robert Motherwell. These imitations were in fact produced by a single man in Queens, and brought to the gallery by Glafira Rosales, who pleaded guilty in 2013.

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