Paul Allen announces the upcoming opening of Pivot + Culture Museum

 Seattle  |  3 August 2015  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft, has announced the creation of the Pivot Art + Culture Museum. It will be in the Allen Institute for Brain Science, a space that the philanthropist created for the neurosciences, in Seattle, United States. The two centres will open in December 2015.

Paul Allen is known for being an art lover; his personal collection is made up of over 300 works including a Giacometti, a Monet and a Rothko. The philanthropist has hired Ben Heywood to head the future museum. The latter held the position of CEO at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis and occupies the consultant function for the Cincinnati company specialised in advising non-profit organisations. He said of the future programming of the facility: “It will combine alternative programming with more conventional museum practices.” The building will house two galleries with a total surface of over 300m2.

Paul Allen is often implicated in the cultural domain: he has given more than $100 million to different institutions and supported the Seattle Art Fair.

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