Damien Hirst back at Gagosian

 New York  |  9 May 2016  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

Damien Hirst and the Gagosian Gallery turn a new page in their history after a break of four years, during which the British artist was represented by Jay Jopling’s gallery, White Cube.

An audacious bet from Gagosian? Even though the demand for the artworks of the British artist remains high and the interest of the collectors proves consistent, some analysts of the market pointed that a sale organised by Sotheby’s in 2008 marked a decline in the artist’s rating, while they accused him to flood the market. This adds up to a study stating that some artworks of the artist, containing formalin for the preservation of dead animals, might release toxic gases. This statement is however qualified by the fact that this emission does not constitute a hazard for the visitors of the museum. Nevertheless, specialists have announced that the artist’s rating will rise as he establishes himself as an historic artist. This may be the bet of Larry Gagosian.

The Gagosian gallery will present a stand dedicated to Damien Hirst in the framework of the next Frieze in New York. Millicent Wilner, director of Gagosian in London, released some details about this project: “It will be a classical presentation — an early shark piece, instrument cabinet, medicine cabinet, butterfly painting. We wanted to present him in the way most people think of Damien.”

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