Jakarta Biennale 2015

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The Jakarta Biennale, founded in 1968, is to take place from 15 November 2015 until 17 January 2016 in the Indonesian capital.

With Charles Esche as its artistic director, the 2015 edition of the biennial hinges on the theme of “Maju Kena, Mundur Kena (Neither forward nor back): Learning in The Present”. The identity of the biennial is based on the idea that art can be a means of observing the sociological, political, and cultural changes underway in the city, and act as a meeting point for a multitude of influences. These influences are concerned with tradition as well as modernity, and the three sections of the fair are organised in such a way as to reflect this. The first, “Indonesia in the 1980s”, seeks to explore the foundations laid by preceding generations; the second, “The Contemporary International in Jakarta”, considers Indonesia’s position in the world from different perspectives; and the third section, “Young Indonesian Artists Now”, focuses on the younger generations. Furthermore, the curators of the various exhibitions have been invited to present their thoughts on the following overarching themes: “Learning”, “Water”, and “History Today”.

During the fair’s last three editions, ARENA (2009), The Maximum City (2011), and SIASAT (2013), the city has been at the heart of the Jakarta Biennale, portrayed as a place where different cultural values meet.

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