The Artists' Assembly Against Austerity launches in the UK

 London  |  28 August 2014  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

As reported by Alastair Sloan in The Guardian, the Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity launched on 27 August 2014 in a bid to combat cuts made by the UK’s coalition government. The assembly has already amassed more than 200 signatures and hopes to continue to attract public attention.

Coordinated by Season Butler, a writer and academic at London’s Goldsmith’s University, the group is a grassroots alliance of creative artists and musicians calling for change in the government’s austerity programme in the cultural sector which, it says, is making life significantly harder for practicing artists, a number of whom rely on benefits. A letter published in The Guardian, on the day of the assembly’s launch, calls on those with an involvement in the creative arts to campaign against cuts in public and voluntary sectors.

The group focuses on four main issues, campaigning for: free healthcare; more accessible education; affordable housing; and a rational approach to arts investment. Via a form on its website, the group is calling for more figures to sign up to support the cause.



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