LAND to begin artist residency program

 Los Angeles  |  2 October 2015  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

Non-profit art organization Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) has announced that it will begin an artist residency program this winter.

The program, entitled LANDxAIR, will be held annually at a number of institutions in the United States and abroad. It will kick off this year with a partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Tucson, Arizona. The residency program will be three to six weeks in length, which results in the artists that have been chosen to participate creating a site-specific work. Artists will be given access to a private studio, a $1,500 stipend, and will be staying at MOCA’s neo-brutalist firehouse. The first residency participants will be chosen in January 2016. MOCA Tucson was chosen for it’s wealthy community as well as its ability to “inspire new ways of thinking through the cultivation, interpretation, and exhibition of cutting-edge art of our time.”

LAND was founded in 2009, which creates site-specific art exhibitions in Los Angeles and abroad. Its main aim is to have the public experience creative contemporary art on a daily basis and enhance their community.

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